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The New and The Next - Issue #74

May 2 · Issue #74 · View online
The New and The Next
“Everyone shines, given the right lighting. For some, it’s a Broadway spotlight, for others, a lamplit desk.”
“All you have is your next choice.”

The Second-Class Office Workers
A Campaign Strategy for Your Career
A Single-Minded Perspective on Growth
How a Decision Journal Changed the Way I make Decisions (Template Included)
Some Amazon Sellers Are Paying Upwards of $10,000 A Month To Trick Their Way to the Top of The Marketplace
How to design a pitch deck: lessons from a seasoned founder
r/getdisciplined - [Method] I summarized all the top posts of the top self-help subreddits of all time into a cheatsheet.
I Let a Stranger Watch Me Work for a Day — And I’ve Never Been More Productive
I just cleared out my Gmail using a simple trick that took only a few minutes — here's how to do it
Work & Money
Future of work: How to write a resume for a changing job market
No, You Don’t Have to Stop Apologizing
Your Expertise May Be Holding You Back
Job advice site Ask A Manager started a salary spreadsheet
Exactly How to Make Passive Income: The Only Guide You Need
Why Your Job Search Should Start With Companies, Not Roles—and What That Looks Like
Do I truly want to become a manager?
33 prompts to unlock new blog posts and stories that need to be told.
Millennials are building multimillion-dollar beauty empires on their massive Instagram and Snapchat followings, and it's disrupting a centuries-old industry
How to Create a Bangin’ Blog Business Plan (Workbook Included!)
Making Uncommon Knowledge Common
Three words to help avoid the tragedy of mistaking a killer’s car for your Uber
Long Reads
“Fixer Upper” Is Over, But Waco’s Transformation Is Just Beginning
The Deadbeat Billionaire: The Inside Story Of How West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice Ducks Taxes And Slow-Pays His Bills
Is Blogging For Profit A Scam, Or A Stay-At-Home Mom’s Dream?
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