The New and The Next - Issue #52

“In the Air Force we have a rule: check six. A guy is flying along, looking in all directions, and fe
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The New and The Next
“In the Air Force we have a rule: check six. A guy is flying along, looking in all directions, and feeling very safe. Another guy flies up behind him (at “6 o’clock” — “12 o’clock” is directly in front) and shoots. Most airplanes are shot down that way. Thinking that you’re safe is very dangerous. Somewhere, there’s a weakness you’ve got to find. You must always check six o’clock.”

The College Try
The Coming Software Apocalypse
Tech's push to teach coding isn't about kids' success – it's about cutting wages
Time Management
These To-Do List Methods Will Help You Finally Get Organized
5 Keys to Making the Most of the 100 Days Left in 2017
How I got to 200 productive hours a month
Work & Money
Confessions of a 23-Year Old Thousandaire
How to Land Your Dream Job with One Spreadsheet
How To Use Facebook, Twitter, And YouTube To Change Your Career
8-hour workday may be 5 hours too long, research suggests
Marketing & Branding
Sumo Growth Study: 13 Marketing Tips From HubSpot’s 21.5 Million Website Traffic Growth
Push Notification Best Practices: 35 Tips for Dramatically Better Messages
The secret cost of pivoting to video
The Punctuation Guide
Happiness Is Not Enough
For worriers, expressive writing cools brain on stressful tasks
Science Reveals Why We Don’t Like Some People
Writing In A Journal Has Helped Me Create My Future And Achieve My Goals
How to get the attention of your favorite expert (new detailed post)
How to Browse the Internet Safely
Sears's History Predicts Almost Everything Amazon's Doing
This mistake makes us buy junky stuff online
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