The New and The Next - Issue #16

Happy New Year! =)I've renamed the newsletter to "The New and The Next" since "Lauren Holliday" wasn'
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The New and The Next
Happy New Year! =)
I’ve renamed the newsletter to “The New and The Next” since “Lauren Holliday” wasn’t very original, to say the least. 
Each week, the sections will change, but for the most part, it will look something like below. 
As always, enjoy!
<3 Lauren
PS: It’s extra long this week since I took off for a bit. =)

My absolute favorite this week
The [Adjective] [Number] Things You Need to Know About Clickbait
Quote of the week
“Work is the best antidote to sorrow, my dear Watson.” – Sherlock Holmes
BuzzFeed Posts Unverified Claims on Trump, Igniting a Debate - The New York Times
A.J. Daulerio Interview - Former Gawker Editor Discusses Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Case
Who’s Really Pulling the Strings (and Pressing “Send”) on the Social-Media Accounts of the Famous?
Peter Thiel, Trump’s Tech Pal, Explains Himself
Long Medium
Inspiring / Motivating
Letter to My Younger Self Letter to My Younger Self
Style Guidelines Directory
Learn something
Network Infilitration
Why Learning to Write Is the Toughest and Best Thing You'll Do
How I Built a $100M+ Sales Channel By Challenging the Status Quo
The Beginner's Guide to Dictation Software: Write Without Typing
The Email Marketing Psychology Crash Course: A Sumo-Sized Guide
Do this
8,760 Hours: How to get the most out of next year
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